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The Death of Jorden Pagel Fitness

Something that has been a massive part of my life the past decade, is no more.

Something that grew from a mere idea in my head back in my first "office" in the corner of my childhood bedroom, to a full-fledged income-producing business with clients in multiple countries.

Something that has been by my side through multiple relationships, living in three different cities, and connected me with hundreds of clients and people I never would have met before.

The time of Jorden Pagel Fitness has ended.

I started this business out of a desire to help people transform their lives through fitness the way fitness had transformed mine. For most of my life, I had thought losing weight and actually being proud of the body I had was a fantasy. Until I was able to turn it into reality through finding love for fitness.

I wanted to take that love, and show other people that things they may have thought impossible, we're in fact possible. I wanted to give people hope that they could - if they were willing to put in the work - transform their bodies how they wanted without being miserable or giving up the things they loved.

Out of that desire, my first business was born. For the past 7+ years, through Jorden Pagel Fitness I've been working one-on-one with men and women helping them transform their bodies and lives through sustainable and enjoyable fitness practices.

And I've worked with a lot of people. Between 700-800 hundred at this point. But what I've learned over the years in working with so many people is that fitness isn't enough.

By some estimates, the gym industry alone is worth nearly $100 billion worldwide. Add in health coaches, online coaches, practitioners, and supplement companies, and the health and fitness industry as a whole conservatively tops out at least $250 billion.

But yet we as a society continue to get more and more out of shape. Obesity rates continue to climb. Our health continues to suffer as chronic conditions like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and others rise year after year.


From what I have observed - the past few years especially - it's because the Health & Fitness industry has lost part of itself.

It's lost the focus on Health.

In the quest for 6-pack abs, rapid fat loss, and promises of 30 pounds of muscle in 6 months, Health has fallen by the wayside. The fitness industry has become an industry focused on results at any cost, without consideration for what happens after you get those results

It's become an industry of before & after photos without considering the quality of life after the after photos.

And I'm ashamed to say I was naive enough to be part of that problem the first half of my career as a coach.

I cared. I wanted to get my clients results at any cost. But in that desire, I failed to see the bigger picture:

That the responsibility of the HEALTH & Fitness industry is not about getting people results. It's about leaving people in a better place than they came to you in, while helping them improve their quality of life for the rest of their life.

And that starts with building a foundation of health. Not just looking better, but feeling better as well. Showing people how to improve their energy levels so they can make it through the day without relying on 400mg of caffeine just to stay awake.

It's showing them how to improve their sleep so they can perform better at the gym, their jobs, or at the activities they love.

It's about showing them how to eat in a way that's simple, yet effective - that fuels their body to perform at its best, while helping them look and feel their best as well.

It's showing them how to better manage and lower stress, and eliminate all the negative side effects that come with it.

That's what the Health & Fitness industry should be about. And while these are things I've been focusing on with my clients 1-on-1 for a couple years now, I no longer felt like the name Jorden Pagel Fitness accurately described the vision for my business.

Which is why I'm here today to introduce you to my "new" coaching business: Sustain Health & Performance.

The idea for Sustain Health & Performance was born out of my desire to provide better, more impactful coaching to people who not just want to look and feel better, but want to live a higher quality of life in all areas of their lives. And because my coaching has reflected that desire for a while now, I felt it was time the name of my brand matched that as well.

This has been something I've been thinking about for well over a year, and fleshing out for the past couple of months.

It actually took me a long time to come up with the name Sustain Health & Performance. I wanted the name of my brand and coaching program to reflect exactly what you get when joining this family.

I wanted people to understand that this wasn't some 6-week challenge or fad diet program that you see influencer after influencer promoting on their social media.

I wanted people to understand that if you were struggling with not just how you look but how you feel and perform on a daily basis, that this was your solution to help you change that - permanently.

So when I thought about some of the cornerstones of everything I focus on with clients, I came up with three very important things:


A health-first focus.

The ability to perform and show up your best in every aspect of your life.

And with that, Sustain Health & Performance was born.


Sustain focuses on two things:

1) Anything you do when it comes to health, fitness, and getting in shape needs to be sustainable if you want it to work.

At SHP, we don't focus on fads or quick fixes. We use tried and true methods to help build a foundation of healthy, long-term habits, that can be implemented into your lifestyle. And we do that, not just by showing you what to do, but by teaching you the whys.

2) You want the results you see to be sustainable. No one wants to get in shape for a couple of months and then immediately undo all the progress they made.

No one wants to see their health gradually go downhill over time. If you're in good health now, you want to know how to carry that through for the rest of your life. And if your health isn't in a great place, you want to know how to make it better.


Health focuses on the most important part of any physique or lifestyle transformation: Putting your health first.

To achieve the sustainable results we talked about above, everything you do must be rooted in a foundation of health. You have to work with your body and use methods that help move you closer to your goal without moving you further away from a place of good health.

Your health needs to be in a good place before you can think about losing fat or building muscle. At SHP, health comes first; always.


Performance focuses on more than what you do in the gym.

Yes, part of the process is increasing training performance, getting stronger, and being more active.

But what we're about here has more to do with performance outside of the gym. It's improving how you perform in your day-to-day life - at your job, running your business, in your relationships. It's having more energy to be productive and show up better for what and who is important to you you.

It's improving digestive performance by eliminating nagging issues that have plagued you for years.

It's about improving hormonal and metabolic performance so you can optimize how your body functions, which allows you to lose weight faster, build muscle easier, and sustain great health for years to come.

It's about improving your nutrition performance so you can make food choices that better support your goals, your health, and how you feel every day.

It's about improving lifestyle performance to help you lower stress, sleep better, and better your mental and emotional state.

It's about improving performance in the areas that matter most - which is also what's going to help you improve your health and your physique as well.

And it's these that make up the foundation of the SHP coaching system. And produce results like these:

It's a system that I'm excited to be able to bring to a wider range of people so you can experience what a true health transformation is all about.

Want to learn more about SHP coaching and what your own personal health-first focused plan looks like? Follow the link below and fill out the application to learn more about the last program you'll ever need.

Once I get your application, I'll reach out within 24 hours to discuss your application and show you the blueprint for your own personal transformation.

Glad you're here, and I'm excited to go on this new journey with you.

Coach Jorden

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